Saxophone for Beginners

Choosing Your First SaxophoneSo you’ve decided to learn to play the saxophone - well done! But how do you know which instrument to buy (or hire)? Obviously, if you are…

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Famous Saxophone Players Part 3

We’re onto our third post in our series about the most searched for saxophone greats.  See here for our post on Kenny G, and here for Charlie Parker. John Coltrane…

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Jazz Improvisation

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Playing With Licks.Using licks is an ideal way for beginners to learn jazz improvisation.The word ‘licks’ is a cool name for phrases, and in non-musical terms it can be compared…

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Saxophone Finger Slurs

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Do you want to sound more professional with the way you bend your notes on the saxophone? Here is a free video explaining how to add more of an expert…

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Careless Whisper Sax Notes

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Free Sax lesson Here is a step by step free lesson on how to play the sax intro to the George Michael hit, Careless Whisper. There are 4 other videos…

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Blues for the Saxophone

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Blues Scales for Saxophone. We saw here how a jazz sound is created by note clashes and resolving into correct notes, and the same is true with the Blues Scale.…

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Epic Sax Guy Notes

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Who IS ‘Epic Sax Guy’? We’re interrupting our run-down of the Greatest Saxophonists temporarily to talk about the man behind ‘Epic Sax Guy’, which is one of the most searched…

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Saxophone Fingering Chart

A saxophone fingering chart is essential to help give you a constant reminder of the correct way of playing each note. Without it, you will spend a lot of wasted…

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