Welcome to the Newbury Sax School Blog!

Welcome to the Newbury Sax School Blog!

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I’m Simon Currie, owner of the Newbury Sax School, saxophone teacher and currently sax player with the Manfreds.

Alongside developing the Newbury Sax School online sax lessons, I thought it would be about time to have a bit of fun where we (yes - I mean you and me!) can have a conversation about all things sax!

We have loads of ideas to work up into blog posts to share with you, from profiles of the greatest saxophonists, features on the instruments in the sax family, plus saxophone technique, musical style tips and what it's like to tour with a major international band!

You can subscribe to the blog to get the posts sent to your email inbox, or just join in here as and when you visit. Do let us know what you think by leaving your comments and questions.

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10 months ago

The lesson on Baker Street was great, I never thought I could play this tune, as its quiet fast, but Simon’s lesson got me started on the tune, Love it!!!