Video Consulting and lessons at the school

Not only has Simon Currie played, and continues to play, sax with many musicians of world renown, (read his biography here), he has taught sax to all ages, adults and children for 25 years.

You can book lessons with Simon at the Newbury Sax School based at his home studio, complete with Yamaha grand piano, located in Hermitage, near Newbury, Berks.

From complete beginners to post grade 8 players, whether you require regular lessons or a one-off session, Simon will be able to help you take the next step towards becoming a better musician.

Get in touch to discuss further via the contact page.

Video Consulting

​Get help where you need it most!

Sometimes, a fresh set of eyes and ears is all you need to push your playing to the next level!

With video consulting, you get quality feedback in a timely fashion, for a bargain!

Video Critiques are a fast and easy way to get you direct feedback on your playing, without having to travel to a lesson.

Sign-up for your first Video Critique today, and get the fresh take you’ve been waiting for!

Submit your video and within 72 hours or less, you’ll have a recorded video of me, synchronized to the video you submitted, with tips and comments about your playing.

I’ll deliver feedback on sound, technique, music performance, or anything else you ask me to look at!

Video consultaion cost £40 for a 30 minute video. (members-first one free then £20 there after)

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