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Become a Newbury Sax School member for £4.99 per month (the cost of 2 coffees)

The first 30 days are free!

  • Access to The 72 page beginner sax tutor. This includes 60 videos demonstrating each new tune, and it also includes 120 backing backing tracks that have been professionally recorded, they are with and without the saxophone, for you to “go solo”. Each backing track can be slowed down for practice.
  • Access to The 5 video blues scale introduction course, easing you into jazz, even if you are grade 1 standard. This course contains 16 backing tracks, again with and without the demo sax so they also can be slowed down for practice
  • Access to 30 videos of how to play funky solos over “Pick up the Pieces” and Pharrell William’s “Happy” You will be introduced to 16 funky sax phrases, that are shown to you with 2 cameras, and 6 great backing tracks. You will be show step by step how to play the phrases in a call his call response technique.


  • Access to 10 video jazzy pieces series with downloadable music Access to loads of pop playalongs for Alto and tenor
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