Online Saxophone Lessons

Learn to play saxophone from beginner to expert

Online Saxophone Lessons


Learn to play saxophone from beginner to expert

Whether you are an absolute beginner or are ready to develop your sax playing to the next level, Simon Currie’s Newbury Sax School will help you to get started.

Tried and tested by many beginner players, Simon’s easy step-by-step lessons will take you from your first notes to playing your first tunes, even if you don’t read music. (He can teach you that too!)

Intermediate courses will teach you techniques to get funky and have fun improvising.

Membership includes a free video consultation

“Simon is such an engaging teacher and as an older beginner, learning at home at a pace that suits me really works. And he makes it fun. I’m making great progress. Thank you!”
Jo Swanson
"Newbury Sax School is so professional and engaging – and for the beginner, very well laid out. I also really appreciate your warm and encouraging coaching style."
Darren jones

Your Sax School Membership

When you become a member of the Newbury Sax School, you can access all the courses and more on screen, tablet or phone. That’s over 300 videos and pieces of music, including:

Beginner Saxophone Course for Alto

The full course has 180 pieces of music, 30 in each stage. Most of these are linked to videos with demos, explanations and written music to play along to. Tracks have been professionally recorded with and without the guide sax, and they can be slowed down for practice. When you have learned each tune, play it with Simon at a comfortable tempo, or go solo.


How to Play Funky Sax on Tenor and Alto

World class saxophonist Simon Currie introduces you to a set of funky sax phrases. Shown to you from two camera angles, Simon takes you through them step-by-step, playing in a call and response pattern, with demonstrations on how to take it further through lip and finger slurs and funky tonguing techniques.

Learn to play funky solos over tunes such as the Average White Band’s “Pick up the Pieces” and Pharrell William’s “Happy”.

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Lack the confidence to improvise?

This blues scale introduction course for alto and tenor will ease you into jazz, even if you have not been playing long.

16 backing tracks, with and without the demo sax, can be slowed down for practice. They will help you learn to swing and gain the skills to make the tunes your own.


Play popular tunes with great backing tracks!

The members area also includes many popular tunes with a scrolling score to play-along to, with great backing tracks recorded by top professionals. 

How to play the theme from the game Fortnite

A separate mini course will teach you how to play the famous sax tune “Phone it in” from the game Fortnite. Simon will teach you 35 easy phrases that can be used in any order to make up a great solo.

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