Learn Saxophone, on line, at your own pace.

Membership costs £4.99 per month (the cost of 2 coffees)

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Alternatively you can buy the Beginner eBook!

This ebook has 6 stages in the course, and it will take you from ZERO to HERO in a very short amount of time. Now you’ll have the benefit of a tested and retested learning method! I promise you FAST and EASY progress, and you’ll have a lot of FUN during the process 🙂 The 6  ebooks in the series, each have 30 pieces of music, most of which are linked to videos with demos, explanations and written music to play-along. After you´re done learning the song, I play it with you at a slow and comfortable tempo, and you´ll always have an easy time putting it into practical use.

How the school works

Your membership allows you to learn on any device, accessing over 150 videos and music from the beginners course to the intermediate improvisation and funky sax courses.

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How to Play Funky Sax

Learn to play funky solos over “Pick up the Pieces” and Pharrell William’s “Happy” . World class saxophonist Simon Currie introduces you to 16 funky sax phrases, that are shown to you with 2 cameras, and 30 videos. You will be show step by step how to play the phrases in a call his call response technique, with demonstrations on lip and finger slurs and funky tonguing techniques.

Complete beginner? This is the course for you!

The 72 page beginner sax tutor. This includes 65 videos demonstrating each new tune, and it also includes 120 backing tracks that have been professionally recorded with and without the saxophone for you to “go solo”. Each backing track can be slowed down for practice.

If you don't want to be a member the eBook can be purchased in 6 levels at £7.99 each

Lack the confidence to improvise?

The 5 video mini blues scale introduction course, easing you into jazz, even if you are only grade 1 standard. This course contains 16 backing tracks, again with and without the demo sax and can be slowed down for practice.

I want to play popular tunes with a nice backing tracks!

Loads of popular tunes with a scrolling score to play-along too, with great backing tracks recorded by top professionals. 

Free Student Resources

Lessons at the Sax School

Saxophone lessons from highly acclaimed saxophonist Simon Currie leads the Newbury Sax School. Whether you are a complete beginner or a post grade 8 player, Simon will be able to give you the next step to becoming a better musician.

Lessons are given in Simon’s studio at his home in Hermitage, he has a Yamaha grand piano to accompany students, and uses his Youtube channel to base some of the lessons on. Whether it’s for a beginner child or an advanced adult, Simon has a wealth of experience having taught for 25 years in schools, colleges and at home.

His fees are £18 for a weekly ½ hour lesson, or £40 for a one off hour.

Project Band

Project Band gives budding musicians the opportunity to play in a group with fellow hobby musicians.

Whether you play trumpet, cornet, trombone, (any type of brass) saxophone, Clarinet, (any type of woodwind) drums, guitar, bass guitar or keyboard, please get in touch.

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