Famous Saxophone Players Chris Potter

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It’s time for another in our occasional series looking at great saxophonists, and we’re turning our attention to Chris Potter. I believe that Chris is one of the best saxophone…

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Saxophone Transposition Chart

Transposition and the Saxophone The fact that saxophones are ‘transposing instruments’ is not a subject that student saxophonists will need to know at first. But when you begin to play…

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Types of Saxophone

The Saxophone Family The saxophone is one of the newest instruments in the woodwind family, invented in 1840 by Belgian Adolphe Sax and patented in 1946. First designs were made…

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Saxophone Embouchure

'If you like an instrument that sings, play the saxophone. At its best it's like a human voice.'  Stan Getz. When you play any instrument, the most important thing is…

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Online Saxophone Lessons

Until recent times, online saxophone lessons have made up a small percentage of lessons given, but COVID-19's arrival has changed all that. With most of the Western world's population locked-down at…

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Saxophone for Beginners

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Choosing Your First SaxophoneSo you’ve decided to learn to play the saxophone - well done! But how do you know which instrument to buy (or hire)? Obviously, if you are…

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