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Blues for the Saxophone

Blues Scales for Saxophone.


We saw here how a jazz sound is created by note clashes and resolving into correct notes, and the same is true with the Blues Scale.

The G Blues scale 

The blues scale has the same clashes of notes, creating the characteristic sound of the blues. The above example is in G, based on the notes in the G7 chord. As you can see by the arrows, there are notes that clash, and notes that do not, but the overall sound is pleasing as we go up the scale.

Using it in your improvisation

Once confident with a selection of basic blues licks, I give my students the blues scale to make up their own phrases in a similar fashion. Here is a blues phrase and see how it has been developed using the rhythm but the notes have changed.  

Introducing blues scale phrases into your repertoire of licks is a great confidence booster and gives that feeling of satisfaction that you have created something for yourself!

A few easier Saxophone Blues Scales.

G Blues ScaleA Blues Scale

B Blues Scale

C Blues Scale

D Blues Scale

E Blues Scale